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The volus are a member species of the Citadel with their own embassy, but they are also a client race of the turians. Centuries ago, they were voluntarily absorbed into the Hierarchy, effectively trading their mercantile prowess for turian military protection.

Irune, their homeworld, lies far beyond the normal life zone of its star. However, the world has a high-pressure greenhouse atmosphere that traps enough heat to support an ammonia-based biochemistry. As a result, the volus must wear pressure suits and breathers when dealing with other species as conventional nitrogen/oxygen air mixtures are poisonous to them, and in the low pressure atmospheres tolerable to most species, their flesh will actually split open.

Volus culture is tribal, bartering lands and even people to gain status. This culture of exchange inclines them to economic pursuits. It was the volus who authored the Unified Banking Act, and they continue to monitor and balance the Citadel economy.

Attribute ModsEdit

  • +2 Intelligence
  • +1 Alertness
  • -1 Vitality
  • -2 Agility
  • -2 Strength
Nets -2.

Required TraitsEdit


  • Head for Numbers (d4)
The volus provide the economical backbone that galactic trade rests on. Without them, the economy would become rapidly decentralized.


  • Complex Needs (d8)
The high-pressure, ammonia-based atmosphere of their home planet makes the volus incapable of breathing the air that other species do or enjoying their food. They must wear special environment suits when out in the open on other planets or on space stations, with the exception of specialized rooms with volus life support systems.
  • Coward (d2)
Though not exactly cowardly, their frail and undexterous physique lends to them getting away from violence more than other species.
  • Little Person (d2)
The volus are shorter than other species, at about two-thirds their height or shorter.