Similar to other role-playing systems, the Mass Effect RPG will give different bonuses and minuses to different races.

Attribute ModsEdit

The Cortex system uses a method of numerous dice for Attributes - say, a low Intelligence would use a d4, whereas a higher one would use a d10. I wouldn't plan on changing this, however because the races in Mass Effect are all so different, I have created a system where after rolling, a bonus or penalty ("mod") is applied to your roll.

Attributes are: Agility (Agi), Strength (Str), Vitality (Vit), Alertness (Ale), Intelligence (Int), Willpower (Wil).

Asari: +1 Agi, +1 Int, +1 Wil, -1 Str, -1 Vit

Nets +1.

Batarian: +1 Str

Nets +1.

Drell: +1 Agi, +1 Str

Nets +2

Human: +1 Wil

Nets +1.

Krogan: +2 Str, +2 Vit, -1 Agi, -1 Ale, -1 Int

Nets +1.

Quarian: +1 Agi, +1 Ale, +1 Int, -1 Str, -2 Vit

Nets +/- 0.

Salarian: +1 Ale, -1 Vit

Nets +/- 0.

Turian: +1 Vit, +1 Ale

Nets +2.

Volus: +2 Int, +1 Ale, -1 Vit, -2 Agi, -2 Str

Nets -2.

Vorcha: No Attribute mod. Instead, gets additional Attribute Points during character creation (+2 Rookie, +4 Experienced, +6 Veteran). Attribute dice cost half the number of Advancement Points as other races.

Nets +/- 0.

Derived AttributesEdit

Life Points: Factor in any Mods for the Vitality and Willpower dice. For instance, a krogan with a d6 Vitality and a d8 willpower will have 16 Life Points ([6+2]+8), not 14.

Others: When rolling, remember to factor in the Mod. For instance, a krogan with d6 Agility and d10 alertness would roll those two dice, then subtract 2 from the result.


Some races are required to have certain Traits. These are automatically added to your character upon creation and do not effect your starting Trait Points during character creation.

Asari: Biotic (d6), Longevity (d8)

Batarian: None (Prejudice (d4) suggested).

Drell: Natural Athlete (d2)

Human: None.

Krogan: Hardy Constitution (d6), Inherent Armor (d4), Tough (d4), Genophage (d4), Out for Blood (d4)

Quarian: Attuned to Technology (d4), Complex Needs (d4), Eerie Presence (d4)

Salarian: Short-Lived (d4)

Turian: Complex Needs (d4)

Volus: Head for Numbers (d4), Complex Needs (d8), Coward (d2), Little Person (d2)

Vorcha: Fast Healer (d6), Hardy Constitution (d6), Short-Lived (d8), Out for Blood (d8)