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Driven from their home system by the geth nearly three centuries ago, most quarians now live aboard the Migrant Fleet, a flotilla of fifty thousand vessels ranging in size from passenger shuttles to mobile space stations.

Home to 17 million quarians, the flotilla understandably has scarce resources. Because of this, each quarian must go on a rite of passage known as the Pilgrimage when they come of age. They leave the fleet and only return once they have found something of value they can bring back to their people.

Other species tend to look down on the quarians for creating the geth and for the negative impact their fleet has when it enters a system. This has led to many myths and rumors about the quarians, including the belief that underneath their clothes and breathing masks, they are actually cybernetic creatures: a combination of organic and synthetic parts.

Attribute ModsEdit

  • +1 Agility
  • +1 Intelligence
  • +1 Willpower
  • -1 Strength
  • -2 Vitality
Nets +/- 0.

Required TraitsEdit


  • Attuned to Technology (d4)
Life on the Migrant Fleet has given even civilian quarians excellent skills with technology, particularly starships. Add this Trait die to any Tech skill rolls. Increasing the rank of this trait costs half as many Trait Points as normal (meaning that it can be maxed out with just four more points).
  • Fast on your Feet (d2)
Quarians are generally more agile and speedier than the other races of the galaxy.


  • Complex Needs (d4)
Quarian biology prevents them from eating any food made by other species with the exception of turians. If a quarian should ingenst other food, the character should roll Resistance against the trait die (should beat a 4).
  • Eerie Presence (d4)
Most people regard the quarians with mistrust because of the creation of the geth and the subsequent self-imposed isolation of the quarian people. First impressions are almost always negative.