There are many different types of armor in Mass Effect. I have attempted to include all of them; because of simplifications, there is no distinction between light, medium, and heavy, nor are there ranks (I-X).

Armor provides three benefits. At its base, it offers damage reduction, where damage is counted as normal but then a certain amount of the damage is not applied. It also provides shielding cover. Lastly, it may offer protection against Tech and Biotic attacks. For this, roll the die shown for the armor. If it meets or exceeds the attack roll for the Tech or Biotic attack, the attack is negated.

Stat ExplanationsEdit

Name: Name of the armor.

Armor Rating: How much damage the armor subtracts from damage done to the character for the Light version of the armor.

Shield Rating: How much protection is offered by shields for the Light version of the armor.

Tech/Biotic Protection: How much protection against Tech and Biotic attacks for the Light version of the armor.


Every suit of armor is equipped with kinetic barriers, colloquially "shields". They provide extra protection for the character wearing the armor. Any damage taken must first take down the shields of the armor. Once the shields are down, damage is treated normally. A shield may begin recharging at 5 points per second if the character has not been hit for three consecutive rounds (charging begins at the end of the third round).

Armor RequirementsEdit


Any character can equip Light armor.

Characters with strength of d8 or higher can equip Medium armor.

Characters with strength of d12 or high can equip Heavy armor.


Please refer to Mass Effect Wiki's Armor Table for compatibility lists with the various races.

  • Asari and batarians are capable of wearing human armor.
  • Any armor that is made for both humans and turians will be assumed to be manufactured for salarians as well.
  • Any armor that is made for all four races shown will be assumed to be manufactured for the volus (in Light version only).
  • Drell: Status currently unknown, assume that they can also wear human armor.
  • Vorcha: Status currently unknown.

Note that while a piece of armor might be manufactured for different races, they are still different pieces of equipment; a human cannot pick up armor that a turian was wearing and put it on.

Stat TableEdit

This table is a straight copy/paste from Mass Effect Wiki. It will be modified soon.

Name Armor Rating Shield Rating Tech/Biotic Protection
Agent 1W 7 2
Assassin 2W 7 -
Battlemaster 5W 14 5
Berserker 5W 14 5
Colossus 6W 15 3
Duelist 1W 10 -
Explorer 1W 8 1
Gladiator 2W 7 -
Guardian 1W 10 -
Hydra 1W 7 2
Liberator 1W 8 1
Mantis 2W 12 3
Mercenary 2W 13 2
Onyx 1W 7 2
Phantom 3W 14 5
Phoenix 1W 7 3
Predator 2W 12 3
Predator X 2W 18 4
Rage 5W 14 5
Scorpion 2W 12 3
Silverback 2W 12 3
Survivor 1W 8 1
Thermal 1W 8 1
Titan 3W 10 3
Ursa 2W 12 3
Warlord 1W 10 -

Thanks to Mass Effect Wiki, where I took the code for the armor table from.